Our Commitment to a lighter footprint.

At Base Bodywear, we are continually asking ourselves; How can we keep producing the fashion you love while minimising our footprint on the planet? How can we be a ‘zero waste’ brand? How can we reduce our production energy? Here are some ways we are actively committing to a sustainable future.


100% Local

Base Bodywear is committed to manufacturing in Australia. 100% of our products are made in Melbourne. Yes, that’s right! The fabric, make and the dye processes are all locally produced. This means we’ve personally met the people at each stage of the production process and can guarantee asafe and ethical products, the will stand the test of time.

Minimal Waste

All Base Bodywear garments are recycled if not sold. This includes over dying the colours if unsuccessful and recutting styles into new ones. Minimising waste is an ever-evolving process at Base and we hope to one day grow and develop into a zero-waste label.

Ongoing package research

Base Bodywear is constantly looking for innovative ways 
to package and ship all orders with the goal to continue minimising waste while promising a memorable delivery experience.